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30+ years Distribution Experience in Kurdistan Region & Iraq

One of the best distributors in Kurdistan Region & Iraq for Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Vitamins & Food supplements.

Karoos Group

Karoos Group bloomed out of years of experience that goes back to 1991. Our founder Mr. Rasul T. Taha started out with one drug store in the Kurdistan Region where not many were on the ground at the time. Since then, we have expanded our footprint and have become a leader in sales & distribution, and have partnered with many big names in the medical industry.

In collaboration with leading medical manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, food-supplement, vitamins, and medical supplies and equipment, we are one of the leading distributors in the region to provide medical products to a vast number of drug stores (wholesalers), pharmacies, beauty centers & salons, malls, supermarkets & hypermarkets in the whole country of Iraq. This operation occurs within the system that is laid out of warehouses throughout Iraq that guarantees for a smooth distribution process.

Additionally, we ensure market penetration at all levels including private and governmental sectors due to excellent sales & distribution networks all over Iraq. We achieve this throughout by having the presence of two branches. The headquarter is in Erbil and the second branch is based in Baghdad.


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