Partner Assistance

01. Specific & General

  • New companies registration & up to date documentations.
  • Facilitating business relations with public concerned authorities & public hospitals.
  • Organizing & facilitating scientific & marketing activities.

What we do?


02. Legal & Regulatory Compliance

We provide the most up to date advice on all regulatory developments.
Manufacturer’s registration at the concerned authority and listing as approved vendors.

03. Marketing

Defining target markets
For each chosen target market, we develop a market offering which is positioned in the minds of target buyers as central benefits.


04. Sales & Distribution

Sales and distribution are carried out by our experienced employees that consist of medical and sales representatives. Sales are performed through contacts with professional clinics, pharmacies and other suited sales channels. There is a separate team that is solely focused on guaranteeing smooth delivery throughout the country.

05. Marketing & Advertisement

  • Medical Representative
    Highly qualified people, doctor or a pharmacist. Their main responsibility is informing the doctors on our product.
  • Sales Representative
    Highly qualified people, a pharmacist. Their main responsibility is informing and the pharmacy on our product.
Marketing and ads 2 (1)

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