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Vagiwell Delators

The Vagiwell® Dilators were developed for women who want to practice stretching the vagina themselves. The aim of the exercises is desensitization, in which the

Premeno Duo

About every fifth woman suffers from a dry vagina. During or after the menopause even every second woman is affected. Premeno® duo vaginal suppositories restore

Active Erection System

The new ACTIVE 3® Erection System lets you be all man again.Our vacuum erection aid uses negative pressure to restore a normal erection. Without tablets

Caya® Contoured Diaphragm

Properties hormone-free easy handling no side effects reusable for 2 years latex-free no adjustment is necessary environmentally friendly no impairment of sexual sensations of both

Manual ® Erection System

Be all man again. Be all man again with the vacuum erection aid Manual Erection System.Our Manual vacuum erection aid uses negative pressure to restore


Description: Hyalofemme is a hormone free, clear, odourless gel formulated with Hydeal-DTM to provide you with quick, long lasting relief from the burning, itching and

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