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CalciCare Tablet

The Best Calcium Supplement for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

The best and safest calcium supplement for faster absorption and better utilization of calcium with zero impurities.

Calcium: Calcium supplementation is of utmost essential, especially during pregnancy. It reduces pregnancy complications and thus ensures normal pregnancy and gestation period. Pregnant women finding difficulty in swallowing the solid oral dosage forms can benefit from Calcicare liquid formulation.

Magnesium: Magnesium has a definite role to play in properly metabolizing calcium. Magnesium is thought to play a positive role in pregnancy and helps in pregnancy to full term. It also helps in proper calcium metabolism by activating the Vitamin D for proper absorption of Calcium.

Zinc: Growing phase involves a lot of metabolic processes including the division of cells. Zinc is an important co-factor involved in cell division & synthesis of numerous enzymes, DNA & RNA. Supplementation of adequate amount of Zinc in growing children ensures proper enzymatic process, division of cells, multiplication of DNA & RNA.

Vitamin D3: Facilitates the proper absorption of Calcium in the body. It gets activated in presence of magnesium and helps in the proper metabolism of Calcium. It helps in improving and developing of innate immunity.

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