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Colic EZ Drops

Relieves infant colic immediately

ColicEZ offers an effective and reliable therapy for the treatment of symptoms of colic pain and other conditions involving flatulence in infants. ColicEZ drops is 100% safe for infants and can be used from birth onwards.

ColicEZ drops contain Simethicone that helps in expelling the gas trapped inside the intestine and stomach of infants. It has proven efficacy in infant colic, functional dyspepsia and gaseous distension causing pain.

ColicEZ drops contain dill oil that has carminative property and is useful in flatulence, colic and hiccups of infants. Fennel oil in ColicEZ drops has stimulant and carminative property and is useful in colic, flatulence and gripping.

ColicEZ is naturally flavored with aromatic carminatives. This makes ColicEZ highly palatable and acceptable to infants.

Each pack of ColicEZ is provided with calibrated dropper for exact administration of medication.

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