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Increases Appetite and Improves Metabolism

Appetite is the natural desire to eat and supply the sufficient energy to the body. Any Physiological and Psychological changes may affect the appetite adversely and consequently might decrease the appetite. It has been increasingly observed that children have the tendency to skip the proper nutrition and resulting in loss of appetite. This is a real cause of concern, as this growing period requires proper nutrition and adequate diet. Inadequate nutrition might lead to weight loss and malnutrition status which can hamper the proper growth. This requires immediate attention and a promising and efficient solution.

Vitarix Liquid contains combination of Cyproheptadine and B – Vitamins. Cyproheptadine has an appetite – stimulant effect. It acts by reducing satiety and increasing appetite and weight. B – Vitamins are essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose which provides us energy. B – Vitamins are also essential for the breakdown of fats and proteins which aids in the normal functioning of the nervous system, muscle tone in the stomach and intestinal tract, and healthy skin, hair, and eyes.

Vitarix is the most ideal choice in kids and children who have eating disorders particularly related to appetite.

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