Multivitamin Role in Adult and Children’s Health

Vitamins are essential for the body to maintain internal balance, digestion, and cracking fats and proteins for use as energy. It is an essential element for maintaining physical and mental health, body development, and immune strengthening. The period of growth in children needs healthy and enough nutrition because the children neglect healthy food which causes disability and dysfunction in healthy development. There are many vitamins that contribute to the development of the body such as vitamin B, which acts as an aid in the metabolism and energy supply to the body.

Vitamin D helps strengthen bones and teeth and strengthen immunity. Plays an important role in improving memory and increasing focus on Omega 3, which helps to increase the level of attention in children and adults as well as improves heart function.

Zinc is considered one of the most important vitamins that strengthen memory and also contribute to increased growth and height in children, and enhances the immune system.

The body needs vitamin C to form cartilage and recover from infections, it acts as an antioxidant and picks up harmful free radicals for the body.

And iron reduces oxygen from the lungs to the cells of the body and provides the process of cell division. 

Even after any viral or bacterial infection, the body needs vitamins to regain energy and regenerate the body’s cells and metabolism.

Also, a group of athletes needs supplements to increase energy and reach their goal of building muscles and maintaining muscle health. These include cardinin vitamins and Q10 energy-generating vitamins and improved physical fitness.

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