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Growing children needs optimum calcium intake during their growth period. Usually, they reduce their calcium intake at a time when the need is greatest. Besides calcium, even marginal deficiencies of Magnesium, Zinc & Vitamin D3 can lead to improper development of peak bone mass and improper tooth formation.

Calcium: Optimum intake of calcium is required for children to achieve peak adult bone mass, prevent osteoporosis in the later years, prevent tooth decay, and form hard tooth enamel.

Magnesium: Magnesium has a definite role to play in properly metabolizing calcium. Calcium absorption is facilitated in the body by the action of a hormone – Parathyroid hormone secreted from the Parathyroid gland, in presence of magnesium. Deficiency of magnesium would result in decreased availability of PTH, which results in reduced absorption of calcium and consequently hypocalcemia. Also, magnesium helps in the formation of hard tooth enamel, while calcium forms the soft tissue.

Zinc: Growing phase involves a lot of metabolic processes including the division of cells. Zinc is an essential cofactor involved in cell division & synthesis of numerous enzymes, DNA & RNA. Supplementation of adequate Zinc in growing children ensures proper enzymatic process, division of cells, and multiplication of DNA & RNA.

Vitamin D3: Facilitates the absorption of calcium mainly from the intestine. Vitamin D 3 is converted to its active form in the body by the action of PTH. Active form of Vitamin D3 increases intestinal absorption of calcium and decreases its renal excretion thus, increasing calcium levels in the body.

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