Tooth Discoloration and its Treatment

Dental is a solid installation that has a stable root inside the jaw and consists of layers like enamel 

The teeth in the children are 20. 10 up and 10 down. Most of them are baby teeth and are replaced by permanent teeth until they reach adolescence and permanent teeth in adults are 32. One of the conditions affecting the number of teeth is tooth decay or intestinal reflux, which causes erosion of the tooth. One of the rare and genetic cases is the lack of teeth from a young age. Or an increase in the dental formation and it usually appears as an increase in the incisors.

Tooth Pigmentation Causes

There are many conditions that cause pigmentation in the teeth, including external factors, including internal factors.

One of the external reasons for tooth pigmentation is drinking some drinks that contain tannin or caffeine, which causes the color of the tooth to change after a period of time, as well as smoking causes a change in the color of the tooth because nicotine causes the closure of tooth pores.

And also tooth decay is due to bacteria that destroy the tooth and holes in the tooth that change color to black. Also, external factors that cause tooth pigmentation, are taking certain supplements such as liquid iron supplements or using tetracycline for a long time and undergoing some chemotherapy and radiation. 

Tooth Pigmentation Treatment

Methods of removing tooth pigmentation include washing teeth twice a day and making sure to use dental floss. And use the private and medical teeth Gargle. Eat vegetables and drink too much water. And reduce the drinks that contain tannin and reduce smoking.

The use of a suitable medical whitening toothpaste, which contains harmless charcoal, which is usually inside microcapsules in toothpaste and also contains PAP, which works on teeth whitening as a bleaching agent and fluoride as a protective and strengthened teeth, Whitening toothpaste can also be used after laser sessions to maintain the result for as long as possible.

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